About Dinesh

Dinesh - Aspiring Photographer, Graduated from RGUKT Basar,09 batch

"Wrong question!! how can you ask why do you love your GirlFriend? It is undefined, it captures light, beauty and many more" says Dinesh when you ask about Photography to him.
His photographs are perfect deliverables of thoughts, feelings, and beauty. His every pic is amazing. May be he sees the world through camera lens. When you talk with him, you get confidence to follow your passion and ready to face any challenges. It is really proud that he is one of our RGUKT Alumni. Currently, He is doing his masters in cinematography in pursuit of his passion.
As a part of his dream initiative Smile Art Creations, he founded online arts and photography magazine in Hyderabad called "Smile Art Beats" where he is associated & working for the Magazine under the guidance of Internationally acclaimed Photographers. He is conducting interviews of many famous artists & photographers online and also recognizing and encouraging many upcoming talented artists & photographers who are confined to social networking sites through his magazine. He is serving as a cheif editor to the magazine too.
"Chase your dreams than chasing the money. Nothing is a barrier to fulfill ur dreams. Life is not about surviving. It is more than that. Try to find yourself." says this young photographer.
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Alumni Association wishes 'All the very Best' to Mr. Dinesh, a photographer.